Can Tiny Doses of Magic Mushrooms Unlock Creativity?

You probably know that taking a larger dose of magic mushrooms can send you on a trip. You may experience hallucinations and other symptoms. But what if you take a smaller dose, also known as micro-dosing? According to some 2018 research, it might give you a boost of creativity.

About Micro-dosing 

The study didn’t have a control group, which is important for finding out what really caused the burst of creativity. It’s possible that people’s expectations factored into it.

With micro-dosing, you take about a 10th of a normal dose of magic shrooms. The goal is to improve your mood or boost your creativity. In the study, participants took a small dose of psychedelic truffles. Before the dose, 38 of the participants took three quick written tests.

The first one tested their intelligence. Another one tested their convergent thinking. With this type of thought process, problems with only one solution are solved. For example, a participant might see a grid with images of different objects. One item from each row was chosen, and the commonality was described. For example, a bathtub, sink, and a hose would have water in common.

In the last test, the participant’s divergent thinking was tested. This is the ability to think of different solutions to one problem. For example, a participant might be given a word, such as a towel or pen. Then, they would need to come up with different uses for it.

Next, the participants took about a third of a gram of the magic truffles. The participants took the same tests but had different results.

About Micro-dosing 

Results of the Study 

The results of the study showed that after taking a micro-dose, the level of intelligence generally did not change. However, both convergent and divergent thinking improved. This contradicted a previous study about psychoactive shrubs and vines in the Amazon. The 2016 study found that divergent thinking was improved after taking some psychoactive substances, but the participants’ convergent thinking got much worse.

However, one reason for the differing results could be the dose instead of the substance. When you have a recreational dose, you may feel more unconstrained and dreamlike. Even though that can help with brainstorming, it might not help with solving problems. That means that an ideal dose would strike a balance between the two.

It is important to remember that the study had no control group. That means that the micro-dosemay not have been a reason for the creativity to be boosted. Some of the participants may have figured out the tests after the first round. However, the study authors believe this is unlikely.

People might have also expected to become more creative and unconsciously done better on the second round of tests. No matter what, the authors found that creativity is highly dependent on the user’s situation. For example, psychedelics may factor into creativity. However, changing up your office or going on a hike could also make a difference. There are many variables to consider.

Try Micro-dosing for Yourself

In general, you should not experience significant mood, mindset, or disposition changes when micro-dosing. Instead, you will notice a subtle effect. Fresh and dried shrooms have different levels of psilocybin in them, so they will offer varying effects. Each variety will have a different level of psilocybin, as well. Even certain parts of the shroom will have more or less of the substance.

Preparing Your Shrooms

You can use any type of magic mushroom when you are micro-dosing. You will want to look at how much psilocybin is in each of the strains. If you’re starting out with fresh shrooms, you will want to dry them, grind them into powder, and then measure about around 0.1 grams of the powder. This is a good starting point, especially if you have never used them before.

When you take them, you might notice that you feel a little drowsy within a few minutes. This is the first effect that comes in a magic mushroom trip. Make your dose a little smaller, and you will have found the right amount to take.

Preparing Your Shrooms

Taking Your Dose

There are many ways that you can take a micro-dose. You can measure out an exact dose and then put the powder in empty capsules. That way, it will be evenly distributed. It can also prevent them from tasting too bad.

You might also want to make a magic mushroom tea. You can dissolve the shrooms in hot water and add some honey to cover up the taste. You may even want to experiment with mixing shrooms into other drinks.

How Often Should Micro-dosing Be?

The first time you take a micro-dose, you may want to take off time from work or school. That way, you can see what the effects are like. You can start out by taking two doses each week for the first several weeks. Keep track of how you are feeling and what the effects are. You might want to start a journal.

Many people find that the day after a micro-dose, they have more energy and their creativity is increased. You will usually not want to take a micro-dose every day. You can build up a tolerance to psilocybin, so after a few days, you may not see your desired effects anymore. Remember that you can still feel positive effects even several days after a dosage. To make the most out of your shrooms, it is a good idea to space things out a bit.

Closing Thoughts 

When it comes to micro-dosing shrooms, there are still many unanswered questions. More research is needed to determine if it will work in the long run. For example, some magic mushroom users might become used to the tiny levels of psychedelics and need to take more of them.

But if you’re curious about magic shrooms, you might want to try out micro-dosing. Not only is there a chance that it can boost your creativity, but it is also a great way to introduce yourself to the world of shrooms.

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