Can You Cook Magic Mushrooms?

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Magic mushrooms are widely known for their psychedelic effects due to psilocybin and psilocin. They have mind-altering abilities and the ability to create an out-of-body experience, both of which lead to their popularity. Magic mushrooms have been used by humans for millennia, with our ancestors using them in religious and spiritual ceremonies. 

Today, there are multiple ways of enjoying magic mushrooms, with the simplest being just eating them, whether raw or dried. This method is popular for not only its simplicity but also its potency. Some people want to know if they can cook with magic mushrooms, and the answer is yes, provided you are careful with heat. 

Why Cook Magic Mushrooms? 

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to cook magic mushrooms. Some people are not a fan of their flavor, so they use cooking as an opportunity to mask it with other ingredients. 

Others want to incorporate the mushrooms into their life in a more natural way, such as including them in a meal. No matter the reason you want to cook magic mushrooms, there are some crucial things to know. If you do not feel up to cooking, you could also buy shroom edibles that already feature the psychedelic fungi. 

Cooking With Magic Mushrooms Is Safe

One of the biggest concerns people have about cooking with magic mushrooms is safety. As long as you are responsible and use appropriate quantities of mushrooms, it should be completely safe. This is especially true because cooking should reduce the psychoactive effects. 

Additionally, magic mushrooms do not seem to be addictive, so this is not a concern either. However, if you consume them consecutively, you may build up your tolerance. 

Always Check for Poisonous Mushrooms

The most significant danger when cooking with magic mushrooms is the same one as when you cook with non-psychedelic mushrooms: accidentally eating a poisonous one. Most mushrooms look incredibly similar to the untrained eye, so always buy your magic mushrooms from a trusted source. Otherwise, you may accidentally eat poisonous mushrooms, which can be toxic or even fatal. 

Always Check for Poisonous Mushrooms

You Can Cook Them – But Heat Can Reduce Potency

Before you cook magic mushrooms, be sure that you understand that exposing them to heat can reduce potency. Because of this, you want to stick to recipes that do not subject the mushrooms to high heat and do not cook them for that long. The most crucial factor is to opt for recipes that minimize the amount of time that the mushrooms spend in the heat. 

Keep Them Below 200 Celsius (392 Fahrenheit) 

The critical temperature to remember is 200 degrees Celsius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when psilocybin starts to melt and break down. If you keep the mushrooms below that temperature, then you should successfully maintain the vast majority of their potency. 

Add Them Last

The best method of ensuring that your mushrooms stay below that temperature and maintain as much of their potency as possible is to add them as close to the end of your recipe as you can.

How Cooking Magic Mushrooms Changes Their Effects

In addition to the potential loss of potency when exposed to high temperatures, cooking magic mushrooms will also change the digestive process. Specifically, if you add lipids to the mushrooms in your recipe, you should experience a more intense trip that lasts longer. 

How to Rehydrate Magic Mushrooms for Cooking

Cooking with raw magic mushrooms is relatively straightforward, as you can use them just like you would any other mushroom. However, many magic mushrooms come in dried form, requiring a little extra effort. 

As you rehydrate the magic mushrooms, you want to minimize the psilocybin that seeps into the liquid that you use. To do this, stick to low heat for 20 to 30 minutes. If you opt for hotter water or higher temperature, the psilocybin will seep out more quickly.  

The Best Time and Place to Cook With Magic Mushrooms

The Best Time and Place to Cook With Magic Mushrooms

Because of their psychedelic effects, most people with experience using magic mushroomsagree that you should avoid them in any form, including cooked, when you are not in a great mood. Your disposition may influence your psychedelic experience, so if you are in a bad mood, the experience may be unpleasant. 

In addition to avoiding bad moods, make sure to pick a peaceful environment to enjoy the meal in, just like you would if you consumed mushrooms in any other way. This is a necessary precaution to keep you safe regardless of the type of trip you have. 

What Effects to Expect From Cooked Shrooms

The effects associated with cooked shrooms are the same as any other form of magic mushrooms. Many people enjoy eating them because of their ability to improve a mood that is already good. You can feel euphoric, happy, or delightful. They can also boost insightfulness and creativity. Others have spiritual experiences with magic mushrooms, such as feeling in tune with their surroundings. 

You should not experience any long-term adverse effects as long as you consume your mushrooms in moderation. However, you may notice mild dizziness, anxiety, headache, and nausea during your trip. The anxiety typically wears off quickly. 

If you build up a tolerance or consume higher quantities of magic mushrooms, you will have a greater risk of adverse effects. This is why it is crucial to stick to smaller doses and avoid constant use, so you do not build up a tolerance. 

Recipe Ideas for Magic Mushrooms

Now that you can indeed cook magic mushrooms and realize you should be careful with the heat you expose them to, the sky’s the limit for cooking the mushrooms. You can add magic mushrooms to nearly anything you want, remember to try to opt for dishes that add them later on. 

For example, if you make pizza and put magic mushrooms on, do not add them until the last minute or two of cooking. Some other ideas for cooking with magic mushrooms include chocolate truffles, tea, risotto, chili, sauce, and any other food you love. You can also opt for beverages or something that keeps the mushrooms cold, like pesto or smoothies. 

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