Growing Magic Mushrooms from Cubensis Spores

If you tried buying magic mushrooms plenty of times and finally feel like growing magic shrooms yourself, you can consider using cubensis. However, you might have questions about how to do it. Keep reading to learn more about this process.

Where Do I Get Started with Growing Magic Shrooms?

First, you will need to do some homework on growing magic shrooms. You are beginning something new, so research is always a good idea. Plus, the cultivation process is advanced. 

You might be wondering if shrooms are all you need to get started. Specifically, a grower will want the spores. However, if you have only a mushroom, then it is likely that the spores are already gone. Instead, you may want to think about getting special spores for growing.

Where Do I Find the Right Spores?

There are many different forms of mushroom spores to consider. For example, you might get spore syringes, prints, dried shrooms or clones, and spore vials. Of course, the type of spore that you get will determine the method that you use to inoculate the growing substance. For beginners, spore vials are generally a good idea.

What Is the Best Growing Material to Use?

Then, you need to prepare your growing material. The spores will spread their mycelium, or fungus, through this material. The material allows your shrooms to get vital nutrients and eventually begin to grow.

You have a wide range of materials to choose from for growing your shrooms. Manure, bark, damp dirt, some types of flour, and tree stumps are all options. With modern methods, however, many growers use growing matter and vermiculite. You could try using brown rice flour. This is a reliable, clean, and simple way of growing shrooms.

What Is the Best Growing Material to Use

How to Sterilize Your Materials

To prepare your materials, you will need to sterilize them. This is important to prevent contamination from microorganisms in the growing material. If your cakes or jars are contaminated, the shrooms may not grow. They might also develop bacteria before you can consume them. If this happens, you can try using boiling water to sterilize them. 

You can use a flame to sterilize your tools, such as your tweezers and syringe needles. With this method, you will use an alcohol burner or even a lighter. Place the tip of the item in the flame until it becomes red hot. Then, allow it to cool before using it on any plastic items to avoid melting the plastic.

A pressure cooker can also be used to get supplies sterile. If you do not have one, you can borrow it from someone. All you have to do is place your tools in and follow the instruction guide. Of course, before doing this, you will want to determine if a material can be placed in a pressure cooker. For example, plastic items cannot go into the pressure cooker.

What Are Jars and Cakes?

For small or average-size shrooms, you will use substrate cakes. These will be placed in growing boxes or glass jars. If you want to have a larger batch of shrooms, you might want to look into getting a kit.

Mushrooms do not grow the same way that plants do. Shrooms are a fungus. First, a mycelium will grow. This is a white structure that looks like a web. Later on, the structure will sprout the shrooms. The process of planting the fungus is known as inoculating it.

If you are growing in bulk, you will need three to six jars, fresh manure, and a large tub. You should have about a 1:3 ratio of spawn to manure. If you want something that is not as smelly, you may want to use coir, which comes from a coconut. Your tub will need to have rows of holes near the bottom on the sides of the tub and another row near the top.

What Is the Inoculating Process Like?

When you inoculate the material, you will be injecting your spore liquid onto the substrate’s surface. Then, the spores can soak into the material. The best temperature will be around room temperature. You will want to avoid overheating the area to avoid inadvertently killing off the shrooms.

With some types of substrates, you have a bit more flexibility. You just want to avoid the temperature dropping to 15 degrees Celsius or colder. The mycelium will go through the reproductive cycle known as a flush. During this time, the fungus will create mushrooms. To start the cycle, you will soak the substrate in water. It needs to be kept consistently moist by being misted with water. You can check the humidity and temperature level every day for the next several weeks.

When Do I Get to Harvest Shrooms

When Do I Get to Harvest Shrooms?

You can pick them once the heads have started expanding. However, you want to get them before they begin to release their spores. If you will not be using your shrooms immediately, you will need to dry them. That way, they will not go bad or get mouldy. 

To pick them, you will want to grasp them at the bottom. Gently twist and pull on the stem until the bottom becomes loose. You do not want to break them or damage the substrate by accident.

What Do I Do with the Growing Supplies?

You will not want to throw away the mycelium after you have harvested your first round of shrooms. You can get more than one flush or set of shrooms popping up. The numbers and amount of your harvest will differ, but with the right conditions, you can expect to get somewhere around three flushes. You will want to keep everything clean, so you can maximize the number of flushes. 

If you plant your mycelium in a shady, moist area, you may have some shrooms coming up after it rains. You can throw it away, but reusing or composting your material can be a good idea.

Closing Thoughts 

Growing your own magic mushrooms can be a fun and rewarding experience. To make it as easy as possible, you can look for growing kits. That way, you will not need to try to hunt down all of the necessary supplies yourself. You can even find kits that have premade substrates. Using a kit can save you both energy and time. 

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